# Introductory information

ContPort is an information system designed for the storage and organized management of data obtained from industrial processes with the intention of managing their energy balances.

It bears its name as a management portal for the management of energy processes (Control Portal) because it allows you to monitor the number of energy flows and thus have them under control. In principle, this system monitoring serves as feedback for regulating the amount of energy in terms of longer-term horizons. Because ContPort is available as a cloud application, its services can be used from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Information and services

ContPort allows you to create your own object structures, which can represent company objects or other abstract objects, in which it is possible to store information, measurement data, documents, reports or service requests (tickets).

Online data a Dashboards

Dashboards and On-line data are intended for energy monitoring. Both tools enable graphical display of measured values and their analysis with the possibility of statistical processing. In addition, dashboards include improved graphical data display capabilities.

Example of graphical display of data


ContPort allows you to generate reports based on user-created spreadsheet templates. Using the built-in functions, it is possible to process data statistically and mathematically and evaluate their final trend within the selected period. These resulting values are further stored in the selected table template.